Green Fried Rice

Brown rice, various seasonal greens, toasted sesame seeds garnish; nutty flavor


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    2 tbsp oil

    2 tbsp Dark Sesame oil

    1 bunch green onion

    2 inch Ginger minced

    2 cup Brown rice (cooked, leftover works best)

    1 bunch Swiss chard, stems minced, leaves chiffonade

    1 sm pc Bok choy  chiffonade

    1 bunch kale  chiffonade

    1 bunch green onion

    1/4th avocado

    3 tbsp garlic

    Sesame seeds garnish

    How to prepare

    Pot/Pan image
    1. In a large skillet add olive oil, and sesame oil, cook 1 min then add scallions, ginger, garlic, and ½ tsp salt, cook till fragrant.
    2. Add rice and ½ tsp salt, spread evenly on the skillet, cook without stirring for 2 mins, with wooden spoon, scrape the crispy rice from the bottom and stir well, repeat these steps 2 times to get some crispy rice
    3. Add swiss chard stems that have been minced or small diced, cook 2 mins then add all leafy greens
    4. Cook till they wilt and serve, top with avocado and sesame seeds

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